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Credit by The_Commander

Spoiler for Spesial Thanks To ::

(+) Boyriot
(+) Aneksa
(+) Alwi_Fals
(+) N3nK_LiNd4
(+) Rendy_petrucci
(+) onemergency
(+) Downloadaholic
(+) Riokharizma
(+) hroen
(+) multibendo
Spoiler for Changelog:

Changelog :

(+) English language Only ^_^
(+) Cache optimized
(+) SWpolicy changed, install application without installserver patch
(+) Can send sisx, sis and jar file to another phone
(+) Delete FOTA reserved, get more free space
(+) Cache browser move to E
(+) Camera muted When use camera1 sound
(+) To increase RAM camera didn't hide when close
(+) Camera mod, by default image quality set to higest
(+) Heap Sized
(+) Music player only read E:\Music
(+) Faster refreshing music Library
(+) Disable Nokia SMS and Nokia Welcome
(+) X-treme Menu
(+) Extra Folder at E:\ such as Wall, Games, Music etc
(+) Maria menu circle
(+) Acceleratometer increased
(+) Startup and shutdown animation changed thanks to aneksa
(+) Startup and shutdown sound changed to transformers
(+) Splashscreen changed thanks to alwi_Fals
(+) Default sms tone changed to Transformers
(+) Integrated conversation
(+) Transformers V.10 Version
(+) BT name changed to Fallen, rename it yourself
(+) Welcome note changed
(+) Hide My Nokia Application
(+) Record time up to 12 hours with highest quality
(+) Start up optimised
(+) Install Java without annoying notification
(+) Broken download resume

Themes :

credit to boyriot for trans theme and default theme
(+) Default theme changed to N Series Red DI
(+) Sound Waves Red Trans
(+) Sound Waves Blue Trans
(+) Sound Waves Black Trans
(+) one another theme but i forget what's the name
(+) Theme Effect Changed to Blue Rose, thanks to bro ishma
(+) Font Changed thanks to rendy_petrucci
(+) Wallpaper Default backgound changed to Transformers

Application :

(+) Phone Torch
(+) Ramblow
(+) Super Screenshoot
(+) Xplore
(+) Pocket Sensor
(+) Auto Installer

After run Auto Installer :

(+) Vibrate Call
(+) My Keylock
(+) Opera Mini
(+) UQuran
(+) Advanced Blocker
(+) Fastest KS
(+) Sudoku Games


(+) Vodafone
(+) Orange with Nokia Icons
(+) Tsunami [Transparent]
(+) 6 Icons
(+) Basic Omnia
(+) Contacts Bar
(+) Finger Use
(+) Navigation Bar Transparent

Patches :

(+) InstallServer RP+
(+) Open4all RP+
(+) Remove Record Tone
(+) Reset on POwer Long Press

Get 6 new Walls :

(+) 3D Robotic
(+) Egg
(+) Flame
(+) Inmortal
(+) Music Robot
(+) Smilling

this cwf was created base on cwf collections of kaskus modder. Thanks was given to all modder
Spoiler for Transformers Edition:
Spoiler for penampakan:

     Spoiler for HS:

Spoiler for keylock:

Donwload Cfwnya !!

Kalo Mau Splashscreen yang Pake ini

Spoiler for SS:

Download Cfwnya !!

Preketew Video

Spoiler for yutup:
Instruction installation
(+) Download rofs2 and rofs3 and replace your old rofs2 and rofs3
(+) this cfw based on EURO Silver
(+) Memory Format recommended
(+) after flashing wait about 1 minute then HR using *#7370#
(+) Bluescreen Xplore at the first run, please exit then re-run
(+) Run Rompatcher with Installserver sets on before running autoinstaller (some application need installserver patch)

Update !!
Change Log 
Omnia HS added !
Minus HS Orange and Tsunami
Download !!

5 Comment:

Mr Don mengatakan...

boss...xplorenya ttp gak bisa...bluescreen...pencerahanya dunk...

@mr don ,, klo blue scren restart bro

william mengatakan...

bro ane sdh upgrade ni.mantap gan keren
tapi kadan2 muncul app setting dan harus di click ok.itu gmana y ngatasinnya

@wiliam, itu terjadi cuma sekali aja koq ..
klo di klik ok ya gag muncul lagi bro?

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