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Thx to hroenPreketew !!

New version 1.02 beta - test version:
- fixed bugs with Java apps
- added BT swith
- added Torch
Yes i know icons are horrible but this is only test version
Users that have problems with java apps (app wont start after adding java shortcut) - HACK YOU PHONES !!!! and turn on "Open4All" patch in RP+
But if you dont want to hack your phone then you will have to create icon for your java shortcut. Now if you add java shortcut and you don't have patch "Open4All" turned on then default icon will show "Icon Missing" if you want to add icon to this shortcut then you will have to create icon:
- open Shortcut**.ini (** - number of shortcut with java app)
- read uid from file
- create bmp file with name "uid_of_shortcut.bmp" and copy to "C:\data\apps\Widgetizer\icons\" folder for example "10164bb9.bmp"
- restart app
- and now you will have shortcut to java app with your icon
- size of shortcut cant be changed, you can only change size of bmp icon
- this is only for peoples that don have PR+ with "Open4All" patch turned on !!!
Ok now please test BT and Torch widgets and write here is it working for you or not And please write phone model
Other bugs like: "Press option button and then press menu button - then you will see icons in menu" are not critical bugs and will be fixed later
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