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Credit by pirates_killer@dailymobile 
Change Log !!

Spoiler for Change Log:

- Horizon Black DI by dhanusaud installed in E:
- Modern by blue_ray installed in E:
- iVertigo DI by DSMA
- S60 Exclusive 2.0 DI by AJ23 (default)

- Rompatcher+ v2.3
- InstallserverRP+ auto on
- Open4allRP+ auto on
- OpenCRoot auto on
- Pocketsensor v1,1
- Autoinstaller v1.2
- Nokia Photo Browser v0.95 from Nokia Beta Lab
- Bestscreensnap v2 installed in C:
- Killme v1.36 installed in C:
- Xplore 1.45 with vista icons installed in C:
- Vivaz Conversation edited icon
- Ramblow in Z:
- Memory boost set to auto
- 30min idle it will cleanup
- Follow theme background
- Phonetorch v2
- AppUIDviewer
- Phonetinfo
- Next Track, Previous Track, Play/Pause apps installed in C:
- Nokia File Browser v4.2
- Offscreen Timer LIte v1.1
- Offscreen Eggtimer installed in E:

- Remote Lock still enabled
- Voice Command still enabled
- Nokia OVI Welcome (My Nokia) Disabled

- Vodafone as a default HS [ using omnia icons, transparent ]
- OraTsu in C:
- Orange Tornado
- Basic OMNIA
- Contacts Bar
- Finger Use
- Full Page
- Navigation Bar


- Running application will cache in E: for better performance
- Kinetic Scrolling in menu will less laggy
- Kinetic Scrolling with deceleration, high sensitivity, no dragidity by pirates_killer Cheesy
- RAM totally Optimise at startup
- Some Apps totally disabled on startup
- Increases system memory heap size
- Decreases application delay and close time taken by apps
- UI Acceleration (reduce lags in apps)

- E:\thinkchange\c
- E:\thinkchange\e
- E:\Music
- E:\patches (auto copy patch)

- 2themes : Change for HS folder in 10207254 from Z: to C:
- Bluetooth Locker : Bluetooth cannot be enabled
- Deny New Installation : Cannot Install Any Apps
- Disable Default enhancement note : Delete enhancement note when connected
- DisableLogs : Log will be disabled
- DisableUSSDNotes : USSD note disabled
- Install Server RP+ : Enable install all unsigned, all caps apps
- LCD Light ON : LCD light always ON
- LCD OFF Charge Complete : When charging completed, LCD turn off
- Long Multi Tap : Increase delay time for all keys (a little bug)
- NoBlankPassword : No more ***** shows
- Open4All RP+ : Open dir of sys, private
- ReadCRoot : Make nokia file manager to view all files in C:roots
- Remove red LED : Red LED removed in camera
- Settings Deactivate : Unable to open settings in menu
- Short Multi Tap : Decrease delay time for all keys (a little bug)
- Switch Shutdown to Reboot : Power button will responsible for rebooting phone
- USB Data Disable : Disable USB connectivity
- 12 Month Call log : Call log will stay for 12months
- c2z4bin THUMB : mapping bin to C:
- Disable Profile switchNote : No more profile switch note
- Activate Bass Effects : Give BASS effect to musics ( dont know works or not )

- Using S60 Busy Cirle Menu
- Shutdownscreen is S60 Nokia [ original by HOCKEY ]
- Splashscreen is pirates_killer worlwide Grin Grin thanks to alienationz for this Grin hahaha
- Bootscreen: S60 blinking by pirates_killer Grin
- Shutdown image removed for faster shutdown
- Level 1 vibration bug fixed [ thanks to oreo27 ]
- Alarm snooze interval is set to 7min by default
- Light Intensity set to 50% light by default
- Theme Effects: Special Android by a1exyar, edited by grk007 Grin
- Fonts is default fonts except english only version which i use Sensation fonts for english UK, Dcr font for english APAC

- SwiPolicy changed which enable to install almost apps without installserver patch
- Remove annoying widget security during installation of sis, sisx
- Secure Widget Preinstall will not run on first startup, feel faster and ovi store will not work!!!
- Java permission is default to be more secure

- Automatic lock phone in 30 seconds by default
- Display light timeout set to 30 seconds by default
- Maximum automatic lock phone can be set up to 10 minutes
- Reenable remote locking after mistake in PiRaTeD v2

- Using Extreme Menu
- Almost 40 applications fully organised
- Contain Office, Navigation, Hacks, Music, Videos and Photos folder with icon
- Tapping Mode added: shake to get phone silent/snooze alarm (off it at tapping control)

- Nokia Default Internet Browser can go landscape with turning control OFF
- Download manager will be started on browser start-up to resume
- Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads
- Nokia default file browser will open private, sys, C: root folder
- FOTA reserved spaces in C: deleted: gain 5MB
- Default bluetooth name: 5800 PiRaTeD V5
- Bookmark edited

- Message to My Nokia will not send on startup
- Delivery reports set to on by default
- No. of message sent saved increase from 20 to 999 by default
- Ovi Contacts totally disabled except Thailand version
- Hide My Nokia, Ph. Setup, Next Track, Prev. Track, Play/pause and conversation in MENU

- Camera sound is disabled only and only if Warning Tone is OFF
- Camera will not leave in background after close it (SAVE RAM)
- Camera quality improved for 3.2 MP

- All automatically set to the highest quality
- Now you can record up to 12 Hours!!!!
- Internal speaker automatically set to maximum when calling
- Loudspeaker automatically set to normal 5/10
- Bootscreen volume slowed: Normal volume
- Voice recording during call fixed

- Put all songs file in E:\Music
- Music player only read E:\Music location
- Faster to refresh
- Gallery Improved to find files

- Ringtone Default: Remix sound by pantoflica Cheesy
- Messages Tone Default: A simple and short sound: You have a text message
- Alarm Default sound: Air Attack
Preketew !!
Download Only English EURO dengan MAP 3.04
Download Only English APAC dengan MAP 3.04

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