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Thanks Bro Dikardus for Info
Udah ada Updatenya nih ..

1. Supports playback MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, MP4, M4A, MID, AMR audio formats
2. Supports the creation and management of music playlists
3. To support a variety of playback modes
4. Support the song Attribute Editor (ID3V1/ID3V2)
5. Support the songs built-in picture to read display
6. To support music downloads, and display pictures
7. Support to download and display lyrics
8. Supports Bluetooth to send songs
9. Support audio enhancement settings
10. Supports editing adjustable equalizer
11. Support spectrum display
12. Support wire operation
13. Support Sleep Mode
14. Support change the skin
15. To support a custom skin background (including the theme of images)
16. To support the desktop player, mini-shows, such as the background display lyrics
17. Support the vertical screen and horizontal screen display
Download TTpodnya

Download Patch4run ( Kalau TTpodnya " System Eror " )
Untuk Versi Indo Bisa didapat disini.

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