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Thanks to boyriot form kaskuser.

Cool Widgets to Customize your Home screen
* Photo contacts
* Picture frame
* Media player
* Weather
* Internet search
* Facebook and Twitter status
* Wireless switches
* Phone profile
* Appointments and tasks
* ... and many others
* Finger friendly contacts with Facebook integration
o Widget-based photo contacts
o Facebook integration
o Photo call log
o Smart contact search
o 3D favorite contacts carousel
o Ringtone management
o Category filter
* Fast access to all your smartphone features
o Pinned shortcuts
o 3D email and SMS viewer
o Recently used programs
o Finger friendly task manager
o 3x3 phone style menu
* SPB Mobile Shell comes with integrated tools
o Weather forecasts
o Current weather
o Agenda view
o World time
o Wireless switches
o Profiles
o Internet search
o Facebook and Twitter status
* Customize your device with your preferences
o 3D carousel with special effects
o Make your own Home screen using widgets
o Adaptive skins
o Change background
o Customize your menu
o Change widget skins
o Choose Professional or Lifestyle Home screen
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NB: Instal di E:/ yaa.

8 Comment:

Anonim mengatakan...

ni app kalo kita exit, efeknya juga ilang ya..??

effeck apanya bro?

Kemarin-kemarin bisa, trus tadi coba lagi. Cuma loading doank, ga kebuka2 effectnya. Hiks..
Kira2 gmna ya biar bisa lg..

@wahyu, kaanya MMCnya corup coba uninstal truz istalnya di C:/

Anonim mengatakan...

Gimana cara untuk merubah Skins pada SPB shell'ya??

kok #D carouselnya ga ada?,cuma carousel view aj

Anonim mengatakan...

saya brhasil instal tp 3D carouselnya ga da,gmn solusinya bozz???

Anonim mengatakan...

cranya instal gmna brow...sya gk ngrti

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