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Change Log :

* Browser baseline updated, about 250 corrections
* Widgets are leaking RAM, amount of memory leak decreased a lot
* MPX Harvester stopped scanning when encounters File System corruption or other issues
* Improvement to refreshing library in Music player
* Securewidgetpreinstaller slows phone start
* Boot up improved in production

* Mail for Exchange: calendar sync improved
* E-mail message gets scrambled by Email – forwarded or replied email are scrambled and full of foreign (mostly Chinese) characters
* Special characters are not displayed correctly in opened mail

* Big Clock not shown when device lock activated
* Device lock fixed”

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6 Comment:

baru ya?

Anonim mengatakan...

gk ad yg dr mediafire?

black mengatakan...

ni nanti fw v51 kemudian di timpa file Cfw ini kemudian di flash kan?
rofs3 ikut di flash ga??

Raden mengatakan...

sayang pake rapidshit

mohon link buat yang gratisan gan, media fire, ziddu or 4share.... di tunggu gan...
klo pake rapid dll bnyk yang bisa donlod.
mohon pencerahan....

@all, iya bro ini yg baru .. emang adanya cuma ini bro coz ane gag kuat upload :D

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