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It is a very interesting and challenging game, factually simulating various physical properties including friction force, weight, acceleration of gravity, etc. Additionally, the silvery music and sound effects and nice pictures help raise a level for this game.

- 80 game levels
- Beautiful pictures
- Brisk music
- Very challenging game
- Real physical simulation

In this game, players just have to stick any end of the balance beam with a hand or a pen to control it by dragging it and meanwhile catch the toy bricks falling above. The players will pass the level if the toy bricks don’t drop and can be kept on the beam. Before the game started, players need to choose setting and level just as other games, and they can have more choices only when they have passed previous levels.

It’s not easy to control well when playing the game, the balance beam will not only swing but also bob, which increases difficulty of the game. To play well in this game, players have to control and catch bricks much precisely and keep them balanced. In order to increase difficulty of the game, there are numerous strange and weird shapes for the toy sticks: horizontal, vertical, oblique, triangular, etc, it will be more and more difficult in later levels.

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