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Credit By pahlawancoklat form Kaskuser
Version 1.51 updates:
1. The top menu to increase the status bar (vertical screen mode), cell phone signals, electricity,Bluetooth,Time, Date and other information at a glance
2. To support the navigation menu as a shortcut directly into the phone's desktop, click to enter without having to press function keys (requires access to the systemSet- Personal Model - the main screen - a shortcut on their own settings)
3. In the navigation menu, long press to enter edit mode, support forRemoveAnd add program icons. Click directly to delete, press the upper right corner "Add" increase the icon.
4. In the second page of the menu, an increase of "Bluetooth" icon, the use of more convenient
5. Very sorry that you upgrade from the old version of the edition, the previous location of the icon will be lost. We would try to avoid similar incidents.
6. Optimize the horizontal screen mode, the icon layout
7.SolutionDrag the icon across the last version of the page, the error about the page upside down
8. ReceiptSMSWhenAutomaticSnap-back system, the desktop
Version 1.31 update part
1) Set within the new access point selection, the Friends can be used in Unicom's flight
2) Set in NewBootSelf-starting switch
3) The first screen the default icon into Ovi Shop
4) made a formalSignature. Download can be installed directly
Five) English phone display English menu after installation
6) N97 the first screen by default placed in "Photo" icon
Version 1.3 update part
1) The first screen to download additional navigation features,RecommendedA variety of fine softwareGames
2) Start SystemBrowserSailing can be seen after theNavigationPage. Visit the main site more easily
3) the amendment of the 1.2 version might not startbug
4) The new installation of the software, it will pop upTipsDo you want to run the
5) Task Manager to enhance control
6) Any other number of small bug
7) The first screen Added "Navigation Settings" icon, you can modify the search engine, the default browser, switches, marine navigation and other settings.

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