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An Evernote client has been a constant request in the Symbian ecosystem for many months now and, late last year, a Web runtime version turned up, optimised for the Nokia N97 and compatibles. This has been regularly updated and, with version 1.0.70302, released last night in the USA, has reached the point where I can start to recommend it to the wider world. See below for screens, comments and some links.

Now, obviously, a fully working, native Symbian application would have been faster and slicker. But writing a client for Web runtime (in HTML and CSS and Ajax) has at least meant that the project has got off the ground. And, with Web itself handling the buttons, display elements and kinetic scrolling, the interface is surprisingly usable
[fr]Evernote est un service vous permettant de prendre divers types de notes (texte, photo, son) et de les synchroniser entre votre mobile, votre PC, le web… Ce service dispose d’applications Windows et Mac depuis un moment et ces derniers mois toutes les plateformes mobiles ont eu droits à leur adaptation (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Maemo…)

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