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Change Log :
- Additional Sensor Settings
- Camera RAM removed
- Camera Sound off when silent
- Improved Caching Sizes 2x
- Show Call Duration ON
- Summary After Call ON
- Improved Heap Size Mod
- Improved Rotation Speed
- Improved UI and Games performance
- Improved Video Capture
- Increased Startup Sound
- MusicPlayer Filter (E:\Music)
- Add Conversation
- Predictive Input OFF
- Add conversation
- Disable (un)lock vibration
- Disable FOTA cache
- Disable messaging, logs,contacts,clock,calendar from staying in background after you exit them
- Ongoing D/L mod
- Startup Mod
- landscape disable during phone call
- Menu Mod by LuziQ
- no key light
- Remove Messaging lag in C6
- additional shortcut bar. total now 5 shortcut bar
- Save sent Message set to 999
- High audio recording
- Audio codec mod (ga taw ngefek apa kagak)
- Font default from PNHT
- Theme effect default from PNHT
- Menu grid 3x4
- SplashScreen.mif ane custom sendiri. hope you like it ^^

App included :
- RP
- Ramblow
- Screensnap
Preketew !!

Download !!

4 Comment:

candra mengatakan...

kl C6 hrus pke EURO jg gag?

Raden mengatakan...

Gan,,ane mau tanya Favourite Contact'na uda bisa kah??

ini rofs2 buat euro pa apac?
ato sama ja ?

ghalind mengatakan...

bro kok quick officenya trial 7 hari???

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